Midnight Prayer

Dandy's Reflections

$ 35.00

Blue goldstone, navy blue tassel

’If thou desirest that God may open thy (spiritual) eye, thou must supplicate unto God, pray to and commune with Him at midnight, saying: "O Lord, I have turned my face unto thy Kingdom of Oneness and am drowned in the sea of Thy mercy! O Lord, enlighten my sight by be holding Thy lights in this dark night, and make me happy by the wine of Thy love in this wonderful age! O Lord, make me hear Thy call, and open before my face the doors of Thy heaven, so that I may see the light of Thy glory (Bahá) and become attracted to Thy beauty!" At that time such signs will appear which will guide thee to the Kingdom of Thy Lord, the Merciful.’ --'Abdu'l-Bahá, Tablets of 'Abdul-Bahá

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