In Touch With God

Dandy's Reflections

$ 30.00

Moss agate beads & drop, square bronze-colored metallic spacers, white seed beads, diamond-shaped mood focal bead, white tassel

Meditation is the key for opening the doors of mysteries. In that state man abstracts himself: in that state man withdraws himself from all outside objects; in that subjective mood he is immersed in the ocean of spiritual life and can unfold the secrets of things-in-themselves. To illustrate this, think of man as endowed with two kinds of sight; when the power of insight is being used the outward power of vision does not see. This faculty of meditation frees man from the animal nature, discerns the reality of things, puts man in touch with God.” —‘Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks

The mood bead changes color as it is held. Untouched, the green and orange are dominant; when held, it turns blue. The bronze-colored spacer beads accentuate the green/orange color of the mood bead. I like the thought of a mood bead reflecting our mood when we meditate, prayer and become more in touch with God. 

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