A New Name

Dandy's Reflections

$ 42.00

Prayer beads/necklace/earrings. Pink cat's eye beads, white and clear glass spacers, dogwood connector, silver toggle clasp. Prayer beads, earrings, necklace 22"

"In reference to the "new name" of Revelations, our dear Lord said that the new name has a spiritual and inward meaning, not an outward one, that it does not mean something that can be pronounced by the tongue, but it means that when a soul comes into the great Kingdom of God, the "attributes" or "names" of God light upon him, and by this he receives new consciousness and new understanding, and he becomesa new man. Just, as when in springtime, the sun and rain come to the earth, all the trees and herbs spring up and bear new flowers. Man
is, as it were, in shadow, but when the sun shines upon him, all the shadows disappear." --Bahá'í Prayers

These pink and white beads remind me of flowering dogwood trees and the newness of spring. When I see their tiny, early blooms dotting the landscape I feel as though I'm traveling through a pointillist painting, and I want to shout out, "Happy Naw-Rúz, world!"

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